Three Beers: August 28

I drink beer and then tell you about it.

Ding dong!

I swing open the front door and there’s a delivery man stood there, big box in his hand. I sign for it. There’s lots of beer inside. I thank Jesus.

But once I’ve drunk said contents, who do I prattle on to about them? Boom, blog post.

Here are three of a mixed bag I’ve drunk this week. More to come, every week.

Beavertown x Trillium – Beaverillium

After a Friday late shift in the office (I work for a newspaper), I got home to the welcome sight of this bad boy staring out at me from the fridge.

I’ve been wanting to try something – anything – by Trillium for ages, and even half a Trillium would do. Beavertown I already know and love, so what could go wrong?

Turns out, not a lot. This whopping IPA is a beauty, showcasing the hops, mouthfeel, balance and refinement that both breweries have built their reputation on. Warming booze reined in by lots of tropical fruit and lasting bitterness.


Wylam x Brighton Bier x Magic Rock – Rize Up

Having destroyed a couple of Wylam beers recently – and with a trip up to their taproom in Newcastle in my cross-hairs for October – I was looking forward to this American Pale Ale. Magic Rock and Brighton Bier are no slouches either.

But while it poured great, and smelled great, it hit on a seemingly common trend of a lot of lower ABV IPAs and APAs in that it was a little thin, and didn’t quite follow through on the promise of a nose packed with tropical fruit. That might be more in keeping with the style of an APA, but with a description that promised oat and dextrin in the grist, I was expecting more body.


Stigbergets West Coast IPA

This is a beer I’ve heard good things about and should have been right in my wheelhouse. A West Coast IPA, with tropical fruits and lasting bitterness, they said.

It looked great in the bottle, and then theĀ glass – all orange haze with an airy white head – but it was all fur coat and no knickers. I may have had a bad bottle, or the glass wasn’t clean enough (doubtful), but I found it had the mouthfeel of a soft drink – fizzy and thin – with some fruit and a little bitterness which didn’t last long. There was even a little sourness, which I found strange for the style.

However, I see Ratebeerians have been going ga-ga for it so I’m obviously up shit creek here.

Author: Andrew Fitchett

I'm a journalist of ten years, now writing about beer. Find me on Twitter @andrewfitchett

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