Three beers: November 11

Sepia-toned IPA times

I continue to plough through my World Beer Awards haul, but this week I returned to craft in the form of three IPAs from my favourite market stall, ABV Store Norwich. (Profiled previously here.)

Here we go:

Marble Brewery Dobber IPA

Marble dobber ipa
A Marble Dobber IPA

Marble stopped making Dobber last year, only to revive it thanks to the prompting of writer, Matthew Curtis.

It was my first time trying it, and it made me come over all nostalgic.

Big, piney IPAs were the gateway beer for many a craft warrior, and I’m certainly in that club.

This slotted in to that category beautifully, with pine, spice, biscuit and dried fruits, with a solid bitterness and a dry finish.

Burnt Mill Brewery Pintle & Green Path

burnt mill pintle

Two cans from a new brewery that I think it’s worth getting excited about.

Based in Suffolk, Burnt Mill look to be part of the new wave of breweries who are leaving London behind for the fresh air, low overheads, and plentiful Corn Exchanges of the countryside.

Their first can release featured Pintle (pale ale), Green Path and East View (both IPAs).

I’ve tried the first two (East View won’t last long in the fridge) and was very impressed.

Pintle was light and drinkable, but with good bitterness and hop character from the citra and cascade. On the upper fringes of sessionable, and I could have easily knocked back a couple more.

Green Path was bigger and bolder, and not a million miles from the Dobber. Big pine from the mosaic is balanced by citrus fruit and a dry finish.

Author: Andrew Fitchett

I'm a journalist of ten years, now writing about beer. Find me on Twitter @andrewfitchett

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